Hel.Spa supports the interests of screen printers in all over Greece. Fespa's magazine is sending to all the members who are informed for the latest improvements in technology, new materials e.t.c.

Is getting informed from the Champer Commerce handicraft and informs its members for seminars, meetings, information, e.g. environment annoyance.

Hel.Spa's web site are and, where members can be informed for news and activities and also you can find the list of SEME members.

Also it takes part in all relative exhibitions (Syskevasia, Plasica, Grafica, Epigrafica, Epigrafi, Expolink, Fespa).

Every three years when is taking place FESPA'S exhibition in different big towns in Europe, Hel.Spa is organizing a group trip for visiting the show.

Also is participating in seminars and meetings in Greece and abroad, aiming to promote the screen printing business.

Frequently are taking place training programs and seminars to the's office using association's pc and projector systems.